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Employers of Poland: Twenty-five years of fighting for Polish entrepreneurs

Ladies and Gentlemen, On June 4th, the anniversary of the first partially free parliamentary elections in post-war Poland, Employers of Poland will participate in a special meeting of the Employers Group of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

The EESC is an advisory body consulting legislative changes in EU institutions, such as the European Commission, the Council of the European Union or the European Parliament. Today’s meeting is particularly important – it will serve as an opportunity to summarize the last twenty-five years of Polish entrepreneurship and to discuss the challenges for coming decades.

Twenty-five years ago, our economy started its march towards global markets. It was a formative period for the social group which – as the next years clearly showed – assumed responsibility for the efforts to create a market reality in a Central European country with nearly 40 million inhabitants. Polish employers were not alone. Organizations supporting their historical mission were established. One of the first –  the only one still active today, enjoying the biggest authority both in Poland and abroad – was the Confederation of Polish Employers, now known as Employers of Poland.

We defined our goals as representing the common interests of employers on the public forum,  convincing decision makers to adopt regulations beneficial for the development of companies, initiating public debate, presenting ideas for developing entrepreneurship and actively implementing the best solutions from other countries. 

I am honored to represent an organization which has contributed to the ethos and prestige of Polish employers in the past twenty-five years. Employers of Poland have become an indispensable partner – without our involvement no key economic problems can be solved. We have many reasons to be proud and our successes in supporting employers are also an obligation to continue our efforts.

Without Polish entrepreneurs – their passion, vision and conviction that tomorrow has to be better, there would be no Poland as we see it through our windows – richer and more beautiful, even if it is faced, as all countries are, with everyday troubles.